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Two More Burgerim Restaurants Coming Soon to Miami

Posted: Oct. 13, 2018 by Steve
Soon there will be two more Burgerim gourmet burger restaurants coming to Miami, according to the Burgerim website.
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One will be located at 3008 Grand Avenue and the other at 7032 Coral Way.

3008 Grand Ave

7032 Coral Way

Burgerim was purchased from its founder by Israeli native Oren Loni in 2010, whereupon he acquired the franchise rights. There are now so many Burgerim locations popping up across the U.S. that trying to give an accurate number might not be a good idea; let's just say there are bunches.

The Burgerim concept is based on a 3 oz. mini burger that customers can optimize to fit their specific desires. Because customers can create many ingredient combinations for their mini burgers this helps ensure satisfaction.

The video below documents a YouTube vloggers Burgerim experience at the first Miami Burgerim restaurant.
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