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This Quick Amazon Affiliate Marketing Change Can Increase Sales

If you have a website that brings in traffic to articles that focus on specific retail products available on Amazon, then you probably won't find this too helpful. But for those without a super niche product site, this approach might be enough to get you on the right track with your Amazon Affiliate Marketing plans.

The problem I was having for quite a long time was simply linking to a specific product within Amazon.com's seller inventory. This can be a problem if, for example, you have written an article on one of the Kardashians. As far as I know a Kardashian is not for sale anywhere on Amazon. A celebrity news site I own has article after article on celebrity happenings, so when I placed a link to a product on Amazon and it became obvious after some time that this was not leading to sales, I just shrugged my shoulders and moved on. Lesson learned: Don't expect success if you link to an Amazon yoga mat on a page that contains celebrity gossip. In other words if the product doesn't match the page content you are probably wasting your time.

Revisiting Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Recently I decided to revisit Amazon after a lenghty break to again tinker around with affiliate marketing and I am finally seeing results. Instead of linking specific products to my pages, I'm now using the Link to Favorite Destinations method and have created links to general best sellers from one of the choices on the drop down menu (examples below). First got to Product Linkin, then select Link to any Page. Now you will see the option Link to Favorite Destinations. This is where you will create your link.

Amazon Afilliate Link to product line example

Amazon Link to product line example

Amazon Link to product line example

The final screen capture is how the link looks when the html code is pasted on the website. Notice how I have added "Amazon Link" to the link text. I feel this helps establish trust and confidence with the visitor who instead of having to investigate or question a mysterious link, they instantly know that it leads to a very trustworthy product source where they have likely made purchases in the past. Whether or not this added measure matters I can't say for sure but that is what my gut instinct is telling me.

After seeing almost daily sales now I am still sort of pinching myself, but I think I have an idea why this method is working much better. These product categories contain hundreds of products. When I try to get inside the mind of someone who sees a link to a favorite destination/product line, I feel they are relatively certain that there are products in the category they can use. Whereas when they see a single, specific item, 99% of the time they might think "I don't need that" and continue scrolling.

It goes without saying that the more views your pages receive, the more money you will make with Amazon Affiliate Marketing or anything for that matter. I am fortunate to receive over a thousand unique visitors a day across all of my sites which is helping me make almost daily income now. And interestingly, it has been common to sell two or three items in one day.

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